Hello, I’m back!!!

Hello my friends and family on WordPress!

How’s everyone?! I will definitely catch-up with you through your blogs. I have been pretty active on LinkedIn so for those of you who are as well utilizing that platform, please feel free to connect or follow me, here’s my LinkedIn profile. On WordPress (and the Facebook community), though, my last article was in September of 2019. It’s been a while! Despite that, I would say, I still get a good number of views, thank you everyone for stopping by!

I’m glad that most of you are still here. You will see more of me in the next weeks to come. I can’t wait to share with you my learnings and experiences, my realizations and aspirations. Truly exciting stuff.

Alright. Thank you for visiting!

For Strengths Coaching and HR Consulting, please send an email to emiletherese@yahoo.com. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I am happy to join your personal, family and team development journey. 

For more HR, Employee and Leadership related topics, follow me on Engagement Imperative, LinkedIn and  Facebook.

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