Holy Week Pause

Days before the Holy Week started, a memorandum on suspension of government work on the 5th of April 2023 was circulated. See https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/downloads/2023/03mar/20230331-MC-16-FRM.pdf.

A lot of people working in the private sector reacted, wishing their companies would also announce the same. But whether or not suspension of work will be implemented on April 5th, we still have April 6th to 10th to look forward to. Do you already have plans for the long weekend?

While it is customary for some people to participate in events related to Holy Week, some also see it as an opportunity to rest. (Last year, I wrote an article on a few things we might want to think about while on break from school or work. Read it here: https://engagementimperative.com/2022/04/12/holy-week-reflections/?noamp=mobile).

But what if you’re asked to go to work on these holidays?


In a polite manner, just say no. It is holiday after all, you shouldn’t be doing and even thinking about work. However, somethings there is a business case and work is truly needed. In this case try to…


Again, in a polite manner, ask if someone else may be able to do it.

Silent Mode, Disconnect

Don’t want to be disturbed? Go on silent mode. Or better yet, go offline. This is in fact part of fasting or abstinence of some people.

Whether you are attending the mass, going on a vacation, or just resting at home, know where the line between work and life is. Be aware of your limitations and how to handle stuff.

Happy long weekend!