Kilig and Employee Engagement

Kilig and employee engagement? Via these analogies, find out the importance of understanding employee demographics.

To be clear, yes, we are talking about employee engagement here as in the workplace one. And for the non-Filipino speakers, the term kilig refers to having a butterfly in one’s stomach, the feeling of being flushed that only a certain person can make one feel.

Over the years, the reasons that make me kilig have tremendously changed. When I was younger, receiving an SMS from my boyfriend, surprises, breakfast/lunch or dinner out and meaningful glances made me kilig. While these still make me kilig these days, now it’s when my husband goes grocery shopping with me, or when we decide together (any decision at all), or when he bakes sugar-free bread, just in general being a good provider, and the list goes on. But you see the difference. Now that I’m married with an amazing daughter, and older, what’s important for me have tremendously changed.

These came about as our responsibilities evolved and as the world around us changed, too. It’s the same when it comes to employee engagement. So you see, there is a lot in common between kilig and employee engagement.

Generally, younger and mostly single population would be happy with lots of employee events involving time spent together – night outs, Saturday events, theme days, a lot of townhalls, etc. However, as the employee grow with the Company, their need changes, too. Time availability will not be the same through time, financial and other non-cash benefits will be different as well.

If you do not grow with your employees, your employees will find growth elsewhere. Well, among many other considerations such as work relationships and work-life balance.

Do you factor in your employee demographics as you plan your townhalls and employee engagement events? How have you changed your activities through the years?