Connecting with Siblings

Today is National Siblings Day in some parts of the world. Wherever we are, though, connecting with siblings continues to be important.

Yes, we did not get to choose who our siblings would be, but if we were to have that option, I would have still chosen my brother and sister.

Sure, growing up, we had the usual sibling squabbles and personality clashes. My favorite was the dinner table banters. That was irritating back in the day, but looking back, it was just pure fun! We also had moments when we had been distant. Yet our siblings know and love us for the person that we truly are. I am talking about the knowledge of who we are that does not judge and the love that is unconditional. As our parents always say, love and care for your brother and sister/for each other.

Many years ago, my brother moved to another province many, many miles away from home. This broke our hearts, but this was his decision to make. Few years from then, my sister was rushed to the ICU. I would not dwell so much on the details but suffice to say it was a miracle that she survived that situation. This almost broke not only my heart but also my soul. These are clear reminders that you cannot take the people you love for granted. That love is to be shown and shared and that siblings are special for us no matter how old we get.

We are so thankful to God for this miracle. I thank God every day for life and for my brother and sister. No matter how far apart we are physically, what matters is that we have each other no matter what happens. There is a special, unbreakable bond that we share.

Have you been connecting with your siblings lately?