Tips for a Great Candidate Experience

5 tips to great candidate experience. Share your best and worst experience as a candidate and for Recruiters, how do you feel about your candidates’ experience? What measures do you have in place to measure candidate satisfaction?

Unwritten Rules for HR Practitioners

HR has so many policies in place, yet, there are certain rules that govern our conduct as a practice that is not any of the policies we keep. I listed 5 important ones. What else would you want to add?

Top 10 Best Boss (Leader) Behaviors

Name your best boss/leader?

Surely, you have great stories to tell. They impact our personal and professional growth & development.

I know, because I have been blessed with many of them – great bosses, great mentors, and great role models.

New Leaders, this is for you, too. Check out these leadership qualities that are worth emulating.

Hello, I’m back!!!

Hello my friends and family on WordPress! How’s everyone?! I will definitely catch-up with you through your blogs. I have been pretty active on LinkedIn so for those of you who are as well utilizing that platform, please feel free to connect or follow me, here’s my LinkedIn profile. On WordPress (and the Facebook community), […]

How to Embrace Change in the Workplace

The past couple of weeks, I have been speaking with lots of new people. What truly inspires me is how open, receptive and participative they are to change. Now, that is the attitude! As such, I am very happy to be working with true leaders! Not everyone, though, thinks and behaves this way, especially in […]