Top 10 Best Boss (Leader) Behaviors

Name your best boss/es…

Surely, you have great stories to tell. They impact our personal and professional growth & development.

I know, because I have been blessed with many of them – great bosses, great mentors, and great role models.

New Leaders, this is for you, too. Check out these leadership qualities that are worth emulating.

Top 10 Best Boss Behaviors,


Employees work at their best. Or at least, they try. The best leaders appreciate their employee contributions and recognize them when they’ve gone above and beyond.

It could be a simple gesture of “thanks” or the proverbial “pat on the back.” Whichever you choose, mean it. Your teammates and employees will feel a sincere, authentic thank you and this will be a source of motivation and acceptance for them.

POP QUIZ: How often should we show appreciation to our employees? Write in the comment box. 🙂

Clarideth “Dhey” Libut, former ePLDT Operations Lead, is very good at motivating the team. I recall, she would often pause and say, “team, ang galing niyo” (team, you’re the best) and smile at us with admiration. Indeed, she lead us to be the best team that took care of the Company’s top customers.

It’s been 14 years yet I still recall these happy office moments. This is how big the impact of appreciation is.

Communicates – Giver & Receiver

In any relationship, communication is key. Here, I am talking about communication that flows from the boss to his/her employees and vice versa. It is important that the boss knows how to deliver and to receive messages.

Many bosses have no trouble delivering a message or giving feedback. Some of them, though are not able to take feedback constructively or to accept an idea that is different from their own.

This is one of the biggest factors that separates best bosses from the pack.


I perform at my best when I am empowered.

Does the statement resonate with you?

You are not alone. Many of us are able to deliver more, perform above expectations and outdo our own output when we are empowered, when we know we are trusted and when there’s less limitations and more possibilities along the way.

David Meniane, CFO and COO knows exactly how this is done. He is very particular with the talents he hires. Dave listens, supports and allows you the freedom and space you need and helps clear any obstacle that might be getting in the way.

Shares the Spotlight

Best bosses and leaders shine the light and attract the light. They also share this light to their teammates and team members, giving them appropriate exposure to people across levels and different spans of responsibility across the organization. They also give credit lavishly when and where due.

Andrew Dingcong, Country Manager (Philippines), showcases the talent of his team and the Philippine site whenever a chance presents itself. As a result, he not only uplifts his own image but the Philippine team as a whole. A great way to enable leadership, employee and customer journeys. #enablejourneys

Learns Continuously

The Law of the Lid: Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.

John C. Maxwell

The best leaders I know has that child-like curiosity. They never think of themselves perfect, they don’t pretent to know everything. They are always curious and interested in learning new things, new theories and new trends. It could be reading books – didn’t they say on average, CEOs read between to 52-60 books a year?

How many have you read this year so far?

It’s not only about reading books. It can go from as simple as being open to new ideas to taking on online courses, certifications or additional higher education degrees.

This is their own volition, something that they like to do, regardless of whether companies would sponsor this endeavor or not. This is not age dependent. No one should stop learning because of age or civil status or number of kids. Finally, this is something that gives them life, not a burden or an added work.

Advocates Progress

There are traditional types and there are progressive types. Traditional, as the name implies tend to honor tradition, does not stir the pot as much and creates that strong sense of stability. Which is not at all bad. However, for me, it is the progressive types who have shaped the world today, who have pushed the limits of imagination and who have espoused innovation. Leaders who advocate progress are more future-ready and catastrophe proof compared to their traditional counterparts.

Growth and progress, are, for me synonyms, thus if you want to grow, you have to progress.

I remember Marc Gregorio, Managing Director of Human Resources at Maxim Integrated and my first mentor in OD. She has a progressive approach to her leadership and management style. I loved that her brand of HR is not one who merely follows or jots down orders, it was (most likely still is) the HR that has a seat at the table and key to making huge Company decisions on people and business strategy.

Decisive and Takes a Stand

Leadership is not a popularity contest. Not because everyone loves a leader meant that everyone respected him/her. Although, I firmly believe that a leader can both be feared and loved. No need to choose. However, if you have to, choose the former. Some decisions can be difficult but they need to be made. Decisions that involve discipline, termination or benefits and salaries, can be very controversial, but at the end of the day, a leader must do his/her job.

The more a leader takes a stand, the more s/he is respected…. and loved.

Because of the sensitivity of the following example, I will not name this HR Leader. S/he decided to terminate the Department Head, HR Head and Legal Counsel in one site because of a harassment case. These men have served the company for a very long time and are key performers. However that was not taken into consideration because the Company has very strong zero tolerance to harassments culture. Culture upheld, respect and love reinforced.


Inspire others and you’re halfway through. Inspiring leaders allow their teams to dream and see beyond their current reality. This produces a ripple effect where other people are not just inspired, they are also motivated, challenged (in a good way) and happy.

This last bit, happy, is so underrated in today’s employee engagement landscape, yet it can be a game changer. Leaders who inspire, make people happy and ultimately, happy campers stay and are a lot more productive than their unhappy, uninspired teammates.

I can think of so many people here. Can you name one inspiring boss you have/had?

Invests in his/her People

We said earlier that the best bosses and leaders continue to learn and up themselves. But, they don’t do it alone or just for themselves, they always involve their teams.

Veron Estrella introduced us to so many things – from HR frameworks to Everyday Creativity to laughter yoga. Some of these from her own pocket because it is among her priority for us, her then team, to learn and grow. Read more about her here.

Has A Strong Sense of Integrity

This is last but certainly not the least. If you report to someone who have questionable integrity, hurry, leave!

This is very deep, yet very self explanatory. With that, I leave you with a quote from Warren Buffett.

As I always say, light and love to you. Til next! 🙂

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  1. How often should we show appreciation to our employees?
    I think when they exceed expectations, for doing their job. And though it is and will be hard, appreciate the person for who and whatever she/he is, even when she/he is not performing. Highlight the good things and coach what needs to be improved.

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