Recruitment Survey

Dear Friends and Contacts,

Good day!

Here is a request by a friend and former colleague. She is currently working on a Recruitment benchmarking exercise and would like to request for your inputs. It only took me 3 minutes to respond.

In exchange, she would share her benchmarking findings with you, should you be interested. 🙂

Skeletons In The Closet: The Truth Behind Reasons-For-Leaving

What’s the truth behind resignation’s reasons-for-leaving? Do you have skeletons in your attrition analysis closet? Is what they publicize always the honest reason?

Let’s explore this further and feel free to share based on your own experiences and data analytics.

Finally, this seeks to call to action. A call to action for leaders, HR and employees.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Looking for a job? Is your resume at its best? I have tips for you. I can also help review your resume for free! 🙂 Click on this link for the tips.