Veronica Estrella: Paving the Way to an Authentic, Humanized and Globally Competent Filipino HR

Our first inspiring story this year features no less than an SHRM Senior Certified Professional, a recipient of the 100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals in 2017 and my mentor who has touched the hearts of many. 
How did she accomplish all these? Read on and be inspired...


10 Employee Onboarding Tips

What was your best employee onboarding experience?
Certainly, your worst onboarding experience came to mind, too, am I right? How was it? 
The onboarding stage is when the employee joins the Company up until 6 months or one year, depending on the complexity of the Company and the employee's role itself. 
I've seen an instance where 40% of employees in this stage left the Company, disengaged and probably regretted their decision to join. That's a lot of waste in Recruitment and Training (if any, that is) cost and a dip in employee morale - both that employee who left and those who were left behind, time and again.
 Why is that? Can something be done? Let’s explore these 10 Employee Onboarding Tips! 🙂