Save on Group Meals with Zomato Gold: Use My Code For Your Discount

Are you a foodie? Do you often go on group meals, team lunch or catch-up with friends over dinner? Then this article is for you! Keep reading! 🙂


Veronica Estrella: Paving the Way to an Authentic, Humanized and Globally Competent Filipino HR

Our first inspiring story this year features no less than an SHRM Senior Certified Professional, a recipient of the 100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals in 2017 and my mentor who has touched the hearts of many. 
How did she accomplish all these? Read on and be inspired...

Tips and Ideas From 7 Inspiring Individuals on Secondary Source of Income for the People in the Workplace

Happy Saturday! Today, it is about great financial freedom, learn important life lessons, finance-wise at least. But not just that, there's more to it, something as big as pursuing your passion or as simple as breaking the monotony of your daily grind.
 Now, how to get started? Is it possible to have a secondary source of income while working a regular 8-5 job? Can you do well in both and still be financially free?

The Art of saying “Thank You” in the Workplace

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Here’s something to help start your week on the bright side! One of my first assignments as an HR practitioner was to arrange a "Thank You Day" where the leaders will go around to say "Thank You" to their staff and give them doughnuts. 
It was a major hit... 
...for ONE DAY. 
"Happiness" died down the day after.
Engagement survey came around a few days later. The scores remained low. 
They scratched their heads wondering why the doughnut event did not positively impact engagement scores. I scratched mine wondering they thought it would... 
Do you have a similar experience? Would you like to share what happened? Please read on for more on The Art of Saying Thank You in the Workplace.