10 Health Tips for the Corporate Newbies

10 Health Tips for the Corporate Newbies.
Start young for better health as you age! 🙂

How to stop promoting bad managers

How to stop promoting bad managers How to stop promoting bad managers — Read on victorhrconsultant.com/2019/05/21/how-to-stop-promoting-bad-managers/ Indeed! Bad Managers can be a major set back to building a great Company culture. Let’s start right by promoting those who are fit for the leadership and management roles.

SINOtoriables: Choose Wisely, Screen CVs

Choosing to vote and whom to vote are critical. It is our right and we should exercise it wisely for the progress of our country and for the next generation.

But in today’s era of fake news, sensationalism and all the campaign fan fair, how do you know you’re making the right choice?

Read on for a more objective view of Senatorial candidate profiles.

Safety and Health in the Workplace

A Safe and Healthy Future of Work 2019 Now, more than ever, the need for Companies to take care of their employees is highlighted. No longer do we only take care of employees while they are in the office. Ideally, we now should look at the employee as a whole person, looking at all areas […]

SSS Updated Table of Contributions

As promised in this article – Expanded Maternity Leave: Inclusions and Implications in the Workplace, here are the updated table of contributions for the SSS fund. (ER – Employer, EE – Employee) For those of you who have kasambahays, here’s their table. OFW contribution table is as well noted here. The effective month is April […]