Little Things That Made My Day @Work

Kindness counts. This is a good and refreshing read about how little things can mean a lot, whether in the office or any place else.

A great resolve for 2019 to be kind, too! 🙂


Whether I’m furiously working at my desk at a corporate job or I’m putting up my feet at my freelancing one, there’s no denial that I appreciate little thoughts from others and those kindness can really brighten my day.

I have collected a basket of kindness that affects people around me and share their stories and what little things made them smile and perk them at work.

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What Is Phishing? Be Aware, Be Alert, Stay Safe!

Perhaps those behind all these scams are working double time for their 13th month bonus, or maybe for gifts and parties this season. 
Be that as it may, taking care - being aware, being alert and staying safe is upon all of us. Learn more about phishing and how to protect yourself from it.

Career Opportunities with Total Global Services Ph

Dear friends, Total Global Services Philippines, a French Oil and Energy Company (BGC) is hiring! > HR Generalist (1) - with expertise in CompenBen > Accounts Payable Analysts (5) > Treasury Specialists (2) > Reports Analyst (1) > Records to Report Supervisor (1) If you or you know someone who is/are interested, please do send … Continue reading Career Opportunities with Total Global Services Ph

10 Lessons From Basketball For Teams In The Workplace

Our University's Men's Basketball Team, the UP Fighting Maroons, after 32 long years, made it to the finals match of UAAP Season 81. They didn't win, but bringing the team to the finals is big deal for all of us from UP. 
Come to think of it, basketball and workplace teams - be it an HR Team or Operations/Project Team - share many similarities when it comes to success parameters. 
So, let's get started. Game!