Career Opportunity: Administrative Assistant

Posting this for friend and hoping to bridge to those who may be looking for a job as Administrative Assistant. It is an Open Recruitment so go ahead and visit their office. 🙂

Fresh grads are welcome. Please see more details in the post.

The 7 Signs You’re Working For A Toxic Company by Jonathan Yabut

If you are in a toxic work environment and have been there a while, so immersed and so desensitized, you might not realize what’s going on; you probably also would not realize how it is impacting you – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually – all aspects of you.

Here are 7 signs by Jonathan Yabut. If you have observed any of these and you didn’t realize til now, quick, seek help!

What Is A Toxic Workplace?

Very well enumerated by Kally of MiddleMe. Are you able to related? What have you done or what action steps do you plan to do? What Is A Toxic Workplace? What Is A Toxic Workplace? — Read on