2021 Philippine Holidays (Amended)

Malacañang released an amendment to the 2021 list of holidays on February 26, 2021. Additional Special Working Holidays Nov. 2nd – All Souls’ Day (Tuesday) Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve (Friday) Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve (Friday) The dates above were non-working holidays for most of the previous years. Now, however, for economic recovery […]

The Four Tendencies and Getting Things Done Part 1

The Four Tendencies is model on how we are naturally wired to respond to expectations, based on the book by Gretchen Rubin.

As I was thinking about the 30-Day Confidence Challenge, I think of the daily tasks as building blocks; like Lego pieces. They come with plates and studs that allow them to “stick” together and allow us to build any which shape in whatever size we prefer. This is why we have this primer. For this knowledge to serve as the studs, which will allow us to join the blocks together and form one beautiful, cohesive piece.

An Invite: 30-Day Confidence Challenge

Confidence is key element in success in your career, relationships and personal journey. This is for everyone who wants to succeed and who if needs a confidence boost. For People Managers, this will make a great team activity, why not make this a team exercise? 🙂

Tips for a Great Candidate Experience

5 tips to great candidate experience. Share your best and worst experience as a candidate and for Recruiters, how do you feel about your candidates’ experience? What measures do you have in place to measure candidate satisfaction?

Unwritten Rules for HR Practitioners

HR has so many policies in place, yet, there are certain rules that govern our conduct as a practice that is not any of the policies we keep. I listed 5 important ones. What else would you want to add?

Top 10 Best Boss (Leader) Behaviors

Name your best boss/leader?

Surely, you have great stories to tell. They impact our personal and professional growth & development.

I know, because I have been blessed with many of them – great bosses, great mentors, and great role models.

New Leaders, this is for you, too. Check out these leadership qualities that are worth emulating.

A Human Resources Career Is Not For “Nice” People by Brian Walker

Brian Walker, Chief Human Resource Officer at Unifrax, was on point in his article “A Human Resource Career Is Not For ‘Nice’ People.”

HR, should be, more than anything else, fair, not nice alone.

HR, must know how to empathize. Empathy. Reminds me of my article on Veron Estrella (also read Veronica Estrella: Paving the Way to an Authentic, Humanized and Globally Competent Filipino HR) where she also emphasized the importance of empathy in HR.

Finally, I loved this part – “I made a recent acquaintance at a conference. This gentleman started his career as an Aeronautics engineer, moved to Finance, and now works in HR. I asked him about his transition into HR, and I loved his quote:

I was surprised about how difficult HR is. Designing airplanes that won’t fall out of the sky is a lot easier than managing HR.
Well said.”

Curious? Take a look at his full article here.

Should I Include My Entire Work History In My CV?

Interviewer: It says here you graduated in 2011, but you didn’t start working until 2015. What were you doing in between?

Candidate: I was working in XYZ Company as an Analyst.

Interviewer: Why didn’t you include it here?

Candidate: …because my CV will then be over 3 pages.

There are several points of view on whether to include candidate’s entire work experience or otherwise.

Continue reading for my thoughts. What do you think?