The 7 Signs You’re Working For A Toxic Company by Jonathan Yabut

If you are in a toxic work environment and have been there a while, so immersed and so desensitized, you might not realize what’s going on; you probably also would not realize how it is impacting you – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually – all aspects of you.

Here are 7 signs by Jonathan Yabut. If you have observed any of these and you didn’t realize til now, quick, seek help!

What Is A Toxic Workplace?

Very well enumerated by Kally of MiddleMe. Are you able to related? What have you done or what action steps do you plan to do? What Is A Toxic Workplace? What Is A Toxic Workplace? — Read on

Expanded Maternity Benefit Calculator By Deb

After everyone seems to have gotten over the thrill of the additional Maternity Leave credits, came the questions centering on “How much?” and “How to?”

Thankfully, my friend and CHRP classmate, Deb R. came up with the Expanded Maternity Benefit Calculator! Very clever and thoughtful! 🙂

It works so much like the tax calculator. Just click on the link below, enter the base salary including allowances, and it automatically computes everything else for you.

How Mobility Empowers Workforce Efficiency & Productivity By Rajat Chauhan

What are your thoughts on employee mobility, aka telecommuting or working from anywhere? Sharing an article here … How Mobility Empowers Workforce Efficiency & Productivity By Rajat Chauhan — Read on