Keeping Up with Time

Originally posted on SunshineandNightstar:
One afternoon, I found myself scurrying around the block to get to the building beside the one next to my office for a meet-up to do a business deal closure. It was almost five o’clock in the afternoon and I wanted to get to the rendevous on time for two things:…

Where Will Your Bonus Go?

Good day, folks!

Have you thought about this…

What if you kept all or a good fraction of your bonuses, how much would that amount to now?

Perhaps you would have enough to pay for a car, or a house in full cash?!

I’m In The Wrong Job

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday.
Perhaps some of you are in this similar state as with the letter sender.
Sharing with you to help pull your brilliant self back together and rebuild your “mojo.”

Keep Moving Forward with EJ Zara

“Everyone has their own journey. Just keep moving forward. The past is done, the future, we do not know for sure. Focus on the present, our power is here.

Take care of you.”

This and several more nuggets of wisdom.
Click the link to find out more on the inspiration that is EJ Zara.

Skeletons In The Closet: The Truth Behind Reasons-For-Leaving

What’s the truth behind resignation’s reasons-for-leaving? Do you have skeletons in your attrition analysis closet? Is what they publicize always the honest reason?

Let’s explore this further and feel free to share based on your own experiences and data analytics.

Finally, this seeks to call to action. A call to action for leaders, HR and employees.

Three Practical Financial Lessons You Need Now

Why do most of us still live paycheck-to-paycheck despite a few (or several) salary increases?

I am sharing three (3) practical financial lessons on breaking the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck that you can start applying now.