Romance in the Workplace: Policies and Practices

Romance in the workplace is controversial. How do you navigate this? This is what we will talk about in the month of love!

This is a topic that is almost near and dear to me. You see, I, too, met my husband at work. Although, not technically (hence the almost) an office romance because we started going out close to a year after he left the Company. Talking about this still makes my heart flutter.

Also, I do know of many other couples who met, fell in love, got married, had kid/s and raised kids while keeping both their tenure in the same Company.

Come to think of it, I am surrounded by people who met their spouses at work. Starting off with my family – my parents, both my brother and sister, my friends, teammates, colleagues and the list goes on!

How about you? Did you meet your special someone at work as well?

Anyhow, why is it so controversial?

Well, everything gets an extra layer when emotions are involved such as questions around fairness, attendance, etc. But cheer up, there just needs to be a policy around it. You probably have in your Company, too. You can ask HR or your Team Lead about it. It may be written differently, but these conditions will always be part of this policy in one form or another.

Romance in the Workplace: Policies and Practices

  • They (the couple) should not have a reporting line, straight or dotted, with each other.
  • They should not have visibility to each other’s performance ratings and pay increases. Believe me, they will know, but neither should have access to this information using Company tools, systems and any form of workplace-related-conversation, as in performance review deliberations, feedback discussion, etc.
  • Neither of them should have influence on performance rating nor pay increase decisions of the other.

Although, some Companies don’t allow relationships up to the 4th degree, by blood or by marriage. Yes, 4th degree, so be sure to know your policies when you find yourself fancying someone at work before it develops into something more serious.

And, most importantly, stay transparent with your leaders and HR. They can make internal movements when necessary and whenever possible to support the growth of your budding relationship!

Now, let’s talk about managing office romance perception, theirs and your own by clicking here.



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