Viva Dos Mil Veintitres (2023)

After over two years of getting stuck in the seemingly dark time warp that was (still is) the pandemic, Pantone, the leading global color authority has declared the color of 2023. And, it is, as CNN puts it, unexpectedly bright – viva magenta! Which is “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time,” according to Pantone.

Hopefully, the color of the year will reflect that year itself – positive, joyful, audacious, empowering, alive!

In our family, Christmas also doubles as a reunion. It was the birthday of my late grandpa so it was a double celebration. We continued on with the tradition even after he passed. It was always a big gathering (to give you an idea, I have 26 first cousins, then we add the titos, titas, neices and nephews, in-laws) until the COVID-19 scare. This Christmas it has become alive again and almost everyone was there, just like the pre-pandemic times. I am hoping that this becomes a start of going back to normal (or new normal as many people would like to call it), not just in my family, but in the world. While at the same time, taking stock of everything that we learned during the lockdown – be it personally or professionally.

Here’s wishing you a prosperous year ahead. A year of great (or at least better) wellbeing, a year of discovery and rediscovery of yourself and your talents and strengths, a year of true and deep love not only for your family and friends, but also of and for yourself.

Happy New Year, everyone! Viva 2023!

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