NBI Clearance for First Time Applicants

The National Bureau of Investigation Clearance or NBI Clearance is a government issued document which proves you are clear of any derogatory record in the Philippines. Now, how to apply for the NBI Clearance for first time applicants? Note that if this is not in fact your first time to apply, however, you lost your copy and do not know your NBI ID Number, then this applies to you as well.

Taking into account the NBI’s principle of Nobility, Bravery and Integrity, the public and other government agencies and branches can be assured that the personal data and other sensitive data they entrusted to the NBI shall be used with due diligence and prudence, for the sole purpose of issuing individual Clearance Certificate, which may include investigation of derogatory record pursuant to our mandate under RA 10867.

From the NBI Clearance Data Privary Statement

So, you made a well written resume that stood out, did well in the interviews and asked all questions that are important for you. And you got the job! Yehey! Congratulations!!! (cue fireworks and confetti)

Next, you have to submit your pre-employment requirements. These are important documents like your birth certificate, transcript of records and government numbers to name a few. Of course, the NBI Clearance is part of your pre-employment documents for submission.

Anyhow, here are the requirements for the application.


Present any TWO (2) Valid Government-issued ID’s such as:

  • UMID

Please keep in mind that Non-Government issued I.D’s such as Company I.D’s and Barangay Clearance are NOT ACCEPTED as Valid IDs in processing NBI clearance. Additionally, a Barangay Certificate is required for First Time Job Seekers availing the free service under RA 11261.

Now, once you have these documents ready, here’s what you have to do:

How to Apply for your NBI Clearance?

  1. Register an Account in the NBI Clearance Website
  2. Log in to your account. Check screenshots here.
  3. Complete your Personal Information. Check screenshots here.
  4. Set an appointment using the Appointment Scheduling tool. Check the step-by-step here.
  5. Pay for your NBI Clearance. Check here.
  6. Process on the scheduled date in the nearest NBI branch. Check here for more on this item. Check NBI Branches here.

These are great improvements in the processing of government documents. When I was fresh out of college and first time applicant, I had to go to the main office and stay in queue for HOURS! Plus, I had to pay for it, whereas now, fresh out/first time applicants can avail of free service.

Oh and quick tip, be sure to keep your personal copy. Alright, there you go. All the best!

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