Celebrating 30 Pescatarian Days

Thankful for the first 30 days of my pescatarian lifestyle – no pork, beef, chicken nor lamb. This is part of my overall wellbeing journey. Because it’s high time we “flip the script” as Agile Coach Chot Reyes would always say. While we are busy with work and business, we have to find time for our wellbeing. And think about how Clarideth Libut described the corporate culture where, “If you cannot take care of you and yours, how can you take care of mine?”

I started talking about this in my article The M.E.A.T. of the Matter. Which is an ironic title, but it quite captures what I wanted to say. How wellbeing is fundamental and most important to our day-to-day lives.

My husband feared that I might not last a month, but I am confident that I can.

Grateful for…

Thanks to my husband, who inspires by showing how it’s done. By showing how we can live a healthy lifestyle, how food is a very important component and how a great amount of discipline is necessary to keep going and to see results. Also, by keeping me from mindless munching.

Thank you to the enablers who have helped me get started and stick to the pescatarian lifestyle. Grace Granada’s Vegan Surprise (Veggie Meat and the Mushroom Bagoong), MJ’s Food Trays and Tubs (All kinds of Sushi and Kani Salad Roll), BrieBerries (Frozen Berries), The Lucas Kitchen (Sashimi) and Health Bar (Power Dose Drink and Mushroom Chicharon), among others. Also thankful for the restaurants that serve veggie and seafood dishes like Max’s, The Classic Savory, Barrio Fiesta, Kenny Rogers, North Park and David’s Tea House. I hope there will be more in the future and may the fast food chains start incorporating healthier options in their menu.

Of course, I am grateful for my parents for teaching me to eat my fish and veggies early and life and making really delectable vegetable and seafood dishes and to my parents-in-law who are helping me stay the course by ensuring there’s always delicious and seafood in the menu.

What is a Pescatarian Diet?

Pescatarians do not eat pork, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, wild game and other sort of meat as such. Others might also say that pescatarian are vegetarians who include seafood in their diet. Here are more articles for more on pescatarian lifestyle – What Is the Pescatarian Diet?, The Basics of A Pescatarian Lifestyle and What Is a Pescatarian and What Do They Eat?

What Are My Personal Observations?

There have been three important things I noticed – my knee and ankle aches and pains were gone, my mood (and mood swings) has gotten a lot better, and I feel lighter. All wonderful stuff! Needless to say, this is working for me, thus far. Although, I still have my occasional chips and cake. And, I still eat processed food (only, not the likes of sausage and corned beef). It’s a journey and I will get there in time.

Why Am I Doing This?

Pescatarians are pescatarians for different reasons – religion, health, environment, pro-life advocacies, etc. For me, the foremost reason I am doing this my family. They deserve a well mom/wife/daughter/sister. Also, I am recommending they try. All for everyone’s health and wellbeing!

30 Pescatarian Days! This is just the beginning.