What are you grateful for?

It’s the end of the month once again. You might see posts in social media about welcoming the new month and asking it to be good. But before we let go of July, how about we give it the thanks it deserves?

Surely, we face challenges and stress on a day-to-day basis, may it be about work, school, or on personal matters. However, let us not forget that we also have and experience a lot that we should be grateful for.

So, what are you thankful for the past month? I’ll list down some of mine.

1) Family.

2) Food.

3) Shelter.

4) Good health.

5) Safety. Although my husband still needs to go out to work, we are always thankful that he comes home safe every day.

6) Job and salary so we are able to continue paying our bills.

7) Vehicle. We bought our tricycle in March of 2019 and it is still useful up to now.

8) Dogs. We have two dogs who lovingly guard and protect us. There are also six stray cats who come and go during feeding time. The cats are not our pets, but we are still thankful that they eat our leftovers instead of throwing it.

9) Food delivery. Sometimes we order food online and we are never scammed. That’s something to be really thankful for.

10) Water delivery. There is this drinking water refilling station that is just one text away and delivers to our house so we don’t have to go out anymore.

11) Garbage collectors. The garbage collectors come and get the trash every Thursday.

12) Vaccine. Our senior citizen parents got vaccinated with their first shot recently and thankfully there were no adverse side effects.

13) I recently organized an online writing contest and I am thankful that it was a phenomenal success. I worked with 10 responsible people in this team. We had wonderful participants, great judges and generous sponsors.

14) I’ve been joining online writing contests since October last year and I won in one recently.  I am really thankful for this because this is the sign I’ve been waiting for. 

These are just some of the things I am and will always be grateful. How about you? Start yours now.

Not only will it make you think of what blessings you have in life, it will also make you attract more things to be thankful for. July was good, but August will surely be better. Good vibes, good life.