Strengths and Kindness with Charlene Ormo

Harvey Ong, Chief Operating Officer at Alfamart Trading Philippines, said, ” Kindness is one of the underrated characteristics of a good leader. Yet it is perceived by some as a sign of being “soft”. Further, he said, “People work best when they love the work that they do and the people they do it with.” These ideals are in fact very strongly held, thought of and felt in my recent experience with Charlene Ormo, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing of After Click Media. See how smart, brilliant and charming she is in this video and the one below. Anyhow, we met through and strengths and jived in kindness.

Strengths and Kindness with Charlene Ormo

Chot Reyes referred me to his team of marketing specialists, who then referred me to Charlene and Marc Allen, who is also a popular coach in the Freelance world (definitely connect with them if you need chatbot services (Charlene) and/or Youtube Ads (Marc) . Going back, they referred me and continues to refer me as strengths coach to their contacts and friends. And that, plus Dhey Libut‘s #activator-in-action launched my independent coaching practice. Previous to this, all my years or work and coaching were in private Companies. They say, because I am awesome at what I do. I am capable, competent and and more importantly, for me, because this gives me the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more people.

So, this was how we met. Because she wanted to make her already strong team, even stronger and it’s members happier.

As we were talking about strengths, she saw how very poor my marketing skills were (still work in progress). And what’s surprising was that she volunteered to help. Which, I of course, needless to say, took! I am always on the other side of the helping front. I did pro-bono coaching for those displaced by the pandemic and for those in toxic work environments. Being able to help also makes me happy especially with the impact it creates to the other person. And it always starts a ripple effect. Rarely do we see kindness in action these days. Let’s face it. Which is why Harvey said what he did about kindness. But, there’s something about it that makes my heart flutter seeing kindness in action.

With her brilliance and laser sharp focus on Afler Click Media, she could easily just strategize time for herself. Or for her Company. Yet, she spent time with me, leveraging her strengths to share, educate and inspire. Yes, the young ones these days are more matured than we were.

Reach out to hear or watch the video here for tidbits of what we discussed. I will keep our conversations, just like the coaching ones private and confidential. 🙂

Call to Action: Your Strengths For Kindness

Now, how do you use your strengths to share your kindness with other people? It’s your turn to keep the ripples going. 🙂