Day 28: Seek Out Happiness

Are you still high from yesterday’s happiness exercise? Yes? Good! Because today, we will not just relive, we will seek out happiness!

How exciting is that?

You’ll later see what this has to do with confidence.

But first, do you have instances when you find yourself saying, “I’ll do this when ________.” For example, I will help those in need when I have more money. Or, I will enroll my daughter to ballet class when I learn how to drive. Or, I will author a book when I found myself a publisher. Or, I will wear nice clothes when I get my old build back. Gosh, I didn’t realize I have so many “I will__________ when I_______.” statements. I’m sure there’s more when I sit and list them all down.

Which leads us to today’s challenge.

Day 28 Challenge: Seek Out Happiness

Your turn. Come up with your list of I-will-when conditional statements. List all of them. Does not matter how plenty or how little.

Then rank in order of value. Number 1 being the most valuable. By value, we mean those that bring you much confidence and happiness and doable now. Let’s of course be mindful of the pandemic.

We are expanding our horizon but never at the expense of our safety. Please always keep that in mind.

Ok, when you’re done ranking, pick out your top 3.


Start doing them now. No ifs, no buts, no conditions. Just start doing them.

Following my examples above, I will start to help now in my little way. I will start scouting for ballet schools (online, of course) for my daughter, get the requirements and enroll (I am hopeful to find one). I will start wearing (more like buying) nice clothes in my size. I can and will happily change them when I shrink back to my old size. But, come to think of it, it’s been almost 6 years, who am I kidding. And what am I waiting for to wear nice clothes again. Still, there’s no losing hope. I will start to identify the topic for my book. Perhaps something related to this confidence challenge. What do you think?

You see, doing something to turn your dreams to reality, gives you so much confidence. It gives you so much power that you are able, that you can, that you are enough.

As David, The Chairman, always says, get after it. David is our COO and CFO. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and follow him on LinkedIn.

In any journey, the first step is always the hardest. Fight inertia and procrastination.

Seek out happiness. Start your journey today.

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  1. Ang kaligayahan ay ang isang panloob na kalagayan at hindi ito nakakadepende sa pag-aabot ng isang partikular na tunguhin. Karamihan ng mga Pilipino ay gustong maging “masaya” at iniisip nila na masaya sila kung masarap ang pagkain, kung may magandang kotse, bahay, asawa… maraming “kung” at kapag may masyado maraming “kung” walang tunay na kaligayahan

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