Day 27: Happiness and Confidence

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.”

Taylor Swift

I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift but I like this line of hers. Don’t you? Happiness and confidence in one nice statement.

These two concepts for me are stand alone. Each powerful in its own right. But what about combining them? Now, that’s explosive!!!

Game? Let’s go!

Day 27 Challenge: Feel Happy

What is happiness?

This word has several definitions and word associations. For the purpose of this challenge, let’s take the happiness definition that means pleasure, contentment and joy.

So, today, go back in time to as far back as you can recall. But, only go back to the happy ones. Moments in your life when you had so much pleasure, when you were filled with joy, when you were in a state of contentment.

Just go back to your childhood, your school years, days in the University, your experiences at work and among your loved ones.

It could be when you were a kid and you received a gift you’ve always wanted, passing your entrance exam to your dream school, your engagement your first kiss, your wedding day. But be mindful, it does not need to be big. It can be seeing the face of your child in the morning as s/he sleeps, or feeling the wind on your face, having a sunny weather, bathing in the rain, or waking up to a surprise from your spouse or partner.

Anything that made you truly happy. All those things that make you happy. Relive them in your mind.

Are you smiling right now? Good. Keep doing it for the rest of the day.

I’m looking forward to hear how this exercise made you feel.

When was the last time you felt this much joy, this much happiness?

Hold on to this feeling. This is the state you want to be in most of the time. This much happiness. This much confidence.

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