Day 26: When Positivity Goes Wrong

Can you ever go wrong with positivity? Today, you will find out. Over the last 25 days, we looked more closely on mindset matters, personal image, communications, strengths and our hearts or emotionality. Beginning today, we complete this 30-Day Confidence Journey by nourishing the spirit.


What does that mean? Spirit has come to mean many different things depending on culture, religion or point in time. For our purpose, spirit will mean consciousness or personality.

Let’s start to nourish our spirits. But first, let’s make sure our past activities and practices, especially on positivity, do not harm ourselves or anyone else around us.

Day 26 Challenge: Use Positivity Properly

When positivity goes wrong, you get far worse results than what you would have otherwise. Not saying that we should just be pessimists. But, here are a few watch outs. When NOT TO be positive?

When you are feeling low.

It is right to check and double check why you are feeling low. And it is right NOT TO wallow in this state. However, you need to process this and as you do, it is ok not to be positive. You need to be able to go through the cycle and circle back to positivity fast. Otherwise, if left unprocessed, these emotions and/or frustrations may become pent-up, just waiting to explode. You do not want an explosion. You need to process these so you can appropriate it well. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time processing it.

When there is extreme sadness.

Last year, I had a failed pregnancy.

I shared this very sad news with one of my colleagues. As I was typing, I was feeling very low and way too emotional. Beyond words.

What did he say to me? “Hey, happy thoughts.” I could not forget that, although months have passed. He is not exactly known to be an optimist. He is more of the glass half empty guy. In my mind, I say, seriously? really? The time you choose to be positive is when I lost my unborn baby?

There is time for cheerfulness and positivity and there is time to honor the sadness and the sad person.

When the risk is huge.

When thinking about things like business continuity or doing risk assessment, your thinking is about what could go wrong. You then, err to the side of caution. The pandemic has presented several, real-life examples. When deciding whether to go out and meet with friends for lunch. It is best not to think positive and believe that you will all be safe from the virus. In this case, best to stay on the safe side and postpone the lunch out. Why? Because the risk is too huge and you do not want any eventuality of it. That said, please stay home and stay safe. Go out for essentials only.

There. Use positivity properly. You wouldn’t want to be hurt nor to hurt anybody by using it the wrong way.

See you again tomorrow!