Day 24: Break the Pattern

Break the Pattern. But why and which specific pattern to break?

Of course, as you all very well know, we pick-up from where we left-off from yesterday’s challenge.

How has the experience observing your thought patterns been? Remember, the success of Day 24 is heavily dependent on how serious and how honest the output was from Day 23. If you feel you have to do Day 23 again, feel free to go back. You can push this challenge to tomorrow, when you are better prepared for it.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

Day 24 Challenge: Break The Pattern of Thoughts That Hinder You

Now, go back to your list from yesterday’s challenge. Time to fill out the two columns that we left blank. On the 3rd column write “Positive or Negative” and on the 4th one, write “Did it help?” Now fill out the columns based on your responses to stimuli.

Here’s a sample, completing yesterday’s table:

StimulusResponsePositive or NegativeDid It Help?
need to record a workout videothinking of excuses, delay as long as possible, not ready, no workout outfit, not my ideal bodyNegativeNo
new challenging assignmentterrified, thinking of ways to dodge and make excusesNegativeNo
almost out of coffeedoes not want to leave the house, will wait for grocery day with my husbandNegativeYes
Sample record of Though Patterns

Take a good look at your responses. If you had more negative responses to your various stimuli, you are not alone. Adding another layer is key. Not only should we look into positivity or negativity of our response to situations, we should also take into consideration whether that negative response was helpful or not. Remember, the brain’s key goal is to protect you. So certain types of negativity are there to warn you or to cause you to act and move farther from the situation (or sometimes people or places or things).

So, what to do if you have several negative-not helpful combinations? They hinder you from harnessing your best self and from being truly confident. Most of all, they hinder your success in any and possibly all aspects of your life.

Here are two short and powerful videos I’m sure you’ll love.

This next one will certainly remind you of our Day 11 discussion on Power Stance.

Tony Robbins on How to Break Negative Thinking
Mel Robbin’s 5-Second Rule

Are you counting 5-4-3-2-1 now? Same here!

What was your pattern like? How likely are you to apply these techniques in your day-to-day life?

Break the pattern and emerge more confident than ever before! Til tomorrow!