Day 23: Thought Patterns and Confidence

How did your heart-to-heart conversation with your lead/s go?

Today, we will focus on observing your thought patterns. We will listen to our internal voices. And see how it relates to confidence. On day 12, we talked about giving undivided attention. That was towards other people – your loved ones, colleagues, your friends, etc. Today, we go inward.

We will observe our thought patterns and see how it impacts your confidence.

Day 23 Challenge: Observe your Thought Patterns

Before we actually begin, what are thought patterns?

Just like visual patterns, these are repeating themes in the way that you process your thoughts. Also, similar to behavioral habits like mannerisms, staying in bed long after you’ve awaken and smoking, are almost automatic responses and tendencies. These patterns are not that easy to break.

So, take out your journals, or notebooks, or notepads on your phone or computers again. We will need them.

What will you record?

You will listen to and/or observe your natural, automatic thought response to just about any stimulus around you. Your record will have four columns – stimulus, response and leave the last two columns blank for now. Because this is only visible to you, no need to judge or to further process what you will write. Just jot down the first thing that came to mind. That’s all. But start doing this from as soon as you read this material to when you sleep tonight. The more entries you have, the better. You need these for the pattern/s to emerge.

Here are a few examples:

StimulusResponseLeave BlankLeave Blank
need to record a workout videothinking of excuses, delay as long as possible, not ready, no workout outfit, not my ideal body
new challenging assignmentterrified, thinking of ways to dodge and make excuses
almost out of coffeedoes not want to leave the house, will wait for grocery day with my husband
Sample record of Though Patterns

That’s all for today! Truthfully observing your thought patterns as a way to greater confidence. See you tomorrow!

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