Day 22: Heart-to-Heart With Your Leader

Can you believe that, after today, we only have 8 days left?! Perfect time to ask for a 1 to 1, your heart-to-heart with your leader.

So far, we’ve done mindset change, personal image enhancement, communications upgrade and sharpened strengths. Today and in the next three days, we will nourish our hearts.

I know that often, we expect our leaders to set 1 to 1 discussions with us. But don’t be afraid to break that pattern. Most confident leaders, in fact, welcome this gesture. Of course, done politely and at the right timing. Hint: not when your team is under fire or have tight deadlines.

Day 22 Challenge: Request for a 1-to-1 Meeting With Your Leader

Sending an email or as they say putting yourself on your leader’s calendar might be the easier part of this.

Your task today is to make sure that conversation happens. Which could also be today, this week or this month, or the soonest possible time.

What do you discuss in the 1-to-1 with him/her?

Before going in the meeting, check and make sure that your heart is in the right place. Keep in mind that this is part of your 30-Day Confidence Challenge. This is part of your journey to personal development and growth. Let your conversation be light yet deep and allow yourself to learn from it.

You can start by letting him/her know of all the things that you appreciate about himself/herself, your team or the Company. This should be genuine, based on your actual observations and from a place of love.

Then, ask for feedback. Ask for his/her thoughts about your performance and contributions to the team. Here, be ready to listen without judgment. Also, be ready to accept areas for improvement. In fact, if no area of improvement come out in the conversation, seek for it, specifically ask for it. That’s what you need to hear because that will allow you to see which aspects to manage more and will help you grow. Finally, volunteer to join projects where your skills or interests intersect and where s/he might need your help in.

You need this conversation or shall I say, these types of conversations to help you become more confident.

Alright, goodluck on your heart-to-heart with your leader! 🙂

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