Day 21: Recognize Strengths in Action

The confident people I know recognize others. They see strengths and are sure to compliment them. In other words, confident people are not self-absorbed. They are not focused on themselves alone. They can relax, look outward and recognize strengths in action.

Here’s an article for your supplementary reading, from Psychology Today – 5 Ways Low Self-Confidence Can Cause Selfishness.

Day 21 Challenge: Recognize Strengths in Action

We will get a little sentimental today.

Yes, get set.

Think of all your teammates. They could be your past or present teammates. Think about their strengths. How has their strengths manifested? How has their strengths made a difference in your work or even in your life? Do not manufacture anything. Just base it from your observations and from your actual experiences with them.

For those who have made a difference in your work, your way of thinking, even your life, write to them. Tell them about their strengths that you have seen in action. Talk about how it has left an impact or how it has helped you. Let them know you appreciate them and you recognize their strengths.

Here is an example:

Dear Sheila,

I am thankful to be in this team with you. You have kept the honor of HR for many years and still continue to do so with you careful and cautious approach. From policy reviews, to situational assessments to how you handle everyone with fairness. This is inspiring for me but more importantly, your deliberative talents protect our employees and leaders and kept all of us safe.

If you want to do this for your family or community members and significant others, too, please go ahead. That will be loads of affirmation!

Always recognize strengths when you see them in action. It’s a lovely feeling both to recognize and receive the recognition.

Thank you so much for your prayers yesterday! My segment in the session went very well, the participants were very attentive. Happy to be in the class with industry leaders and women who are changing history. Overall, it was a strong start to Coach Chot’s FutureFit Masterclass!