Day 20: Your Strengths and Your Team

For me, no matter how mature you are at a particular strength, if you do not use it for the good of your team, your family or the community, it is for nothing. Today, we focus on your strengths and your team. 

“To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.”  

– John Dewey

Do you know Bren Bataclan? He is a Boston-based Filipino Artist who gives away some art work in exchange for more smiles. Here in this TED Talk, he shares his thoughts about kindness, paying forward and how it comes back many fold. Truly inspiring!

One of Bren’s Murals

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,

What’s a sundial in the shade?” 

— Benjamin Franklin

Day 20 Challenge: Aim Your Talent To Help Your Team, Family or Community

For the purpose of continuity, I will use my example of ideation. How am I able to help others using ideation?

  • By, writing these articles, I am able to help others. It was initially intended as a venue where I can release my thoughts. To my pleasant surprise, I have been getting thank you notes from friends, readers and the wordpress community. They say how my articles have helped them navigate the workplace, answered some burning questions or confirmed their convictions/validated their worth.
  • When someone comes to me for help, as a family, colleague or coach, I share my ideas to offer more possibilities.
  • At work, when my team is stuck at traditional ways of doing this, I share my thoughts on overcoming the roadblocks.

Now, your turn. Go back to the talent you picked the other day. The one that you honed and continued to think about yesterday.

One of Bren’s Paintings

Aim that talent to help your team, your family or your community do better at something or deliver projects or events.

Because today is a Saturday, there might be more opportunities to contribute in the family and community setting than for your team. Do not worry, you can also list down areas where your strengths could contribute to the success of your team and start exercising this beginning Monday.

Share your talents. Allow yourself to be an instrument, not just of peace, as St. Francis said, but also of resolutions and innovation.

Use your strengths to make a difference in your team, family and community.

Then, share how you did and how this made you feel.

I am super excited! Today, I will facilitate Strengths Discussion in Chot Reyes’ Masterclass! Please have me in your prayers. 🙂