Day 19: Breathe, It’s Ok

How has the past 18 days been for you? I know that you have been juggling so many tasks and responsibilities. On the side, you are learning to be more confident. I commend you for setting time aside for you! Breathe, it’s ok!

Today, we will breathe, reflect and evaluate. 

A break from any new challenge.

Yes, that is ok. And not just ok, they are in fact necessary.

Of course, continue the tasks from the challenge that you have to on a day-to-day basis. In fact, feel free to go back to any challenge that was most relevant for you. It could be mindset. I heard some people editing their day 2 task after having gone to day 6. S/he restarted the journey and it is ok. S/he will be more productive that way because s/he got his/her anchor right. It could be personal image, which takes awhile to master. It could also be communications, which takes even longer time to practice. It can even be from yesterday’s challenge.

Day 19 Challenge: Rest and Evaluate

Take some time today to rest and think about how far you’ve come in the 30-Day Confidence Challenge. From Day 0, what changes has happened inside you? Also, what noticeable changes took place? And most important of all, has there been any change, no matter how small and seemingly invisible to others, that you have been most proud of? What is it? Or, what are they?

As you think about how to develop your strengths, a pause is necessary. So, you can think deeply about improvements and sharpening. But, don’t worry, thinking about sharpening strengths is far more rewarding than strengthening a weakness.

Coming from yesterday’s exercise, what did you do to sharpen your strength? What else can you do to develop them? How can you leverage your strengths for greater confidence?

Let me know. I would love to hear.

Reflect. Breathe, it’s ok.