Day 18: Strengths and Confidence

Wow, we are done with Mindset exercises, Personal Image and Communications! Now, we move to exploring your strengths.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I speak on this topic with so much passion.

For those of you who have unlocked your full 34 CliftonStrengths report, it is easy to identify your talents and strengths. Please jump to the end part of this article for this task.

Stay with me for those of you who have not yet done so.

My CliftonStrengths Signature Themes

But first, what are strengths and how does that related to talents? Here’s an equation that will help you better understand their relationship.

The Strengths Equation

If you haven’t taken your CliftonStrengths assessment yet, don’t worry. Here are some clues to talent.

Clues to Talent

There is Yearning.

This is something you like to do. Like a calling. A pull or a magnet that draws you to this activity or undertaking. 

I have ideation talents. I always love new ideas, never been done programs, fresh strategies and innovative ways of execution. I am stimulated when I ideate AND especially so, when I ideate with people who are also strong in this area.

There is Satisfaction.

There is immense joy in doing this task or activity.

I can ideate for hours on end. It also does not matter if it is in the wee hours in the morning or late at night. If it is ideation, I am up for it.

There is Rapid Learning.

Learning comes easy. No one needed to specify to you what you have to do next, you know naturally what to do.

Often, when we roll out project, in my current Company and the past ones, people ask how I came up with the base idea. I do not know. I cannot tell. I wake up with something in mind. I may be in church (before the pandemic), or any other place and an idea would pop.

There are glimpses of excellence.

You experienced winning leveraging on your strength in the past.

I received awards for projects that stemmed from my ideas. For example, I was awarded a Gabay Gantimpala for a project that allowed equitable rewards system across the 1700 headcount department. Of course, winning is often team effort, so I always ensure to recognize the support of my lead, teammates and business partners that made it happen.

Total Performance Excellence

This is also called flow. You can do it so well and not mind the time at all. In fact, you probably do not notice the time pass when you are engaged in this activity.

I have ideation and futuristic as my top 1 and 2 talents. I can go fast in visioning and ideating around the vision, but at the same time, I can think deeply about it and spend long hours sharpening it. Even without anyone telling me the next steps to strategic visioning and planning.

So there. Spend sometime evaluating and thinking about it. I’m sure you’ll find it.

If you are interested to know your CliftonStrengths Top 5 or Full 34 report, please feel free send me an email ( I’ll get you assessment code discounts.

Day 18 Challenge: Hone your Strengths

Today, pick one particular strength. Just one. Then, hone it. Do something to get better at this strength today.

As an example, I work on my ideation talents everyday via my articles. 🙂

Develop your strengths as a way to develop your confidence.

What talent or strength did you choose? How will you develop this particular one?

More about the 5 Clues to Talent here.