Day 17: Content and Confidence

Content and confidence in conversations are very important. I like conversations that are light because it allows for fun and a bit of a breather. However, I am stimulated by people who can bring concepts and ideas to a more profound, creative and futuristic levels. I am inspired by people who are knowledgeable about many things OR those with one or two area/s of expertise!

They show greater confidence.

While the way you look and the way you deliver your messages count, at the end of the day, content is still king, as they say.

Day 17 Challenge: Make Your Content Count

Let’s start with a bit of diagnostics.

Open your preferred browser. Any browser – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, whichever you open by default.

What do you see? Now, please categorize the topics and count per category. Which one has the most articles displayed?

You know why I asked?

Because these browsers (until such time an update that prevent these information retention comes along) read what we like and give us more of similar topics. So, if all you see are KPop stuff, then it probably means for the past number of days, you have been searching and/or reading KPop related materials. Now, that is not bad, of course. But, what else do you read? What else do you know (updated knowledge, not just what you gathered from University)? And in what areas can you speak intelligently of?

What you read is very important. It forms a great source for your content – what you say.

If you haven’t yet, read more about business, economics, your own industry and the arts (as in cultural arts). Do this on a regular basis. See for yourself how it adds depth and breadth to your messages. It widens your imagination, your vocabulary and enhances your image altogether. In short, it helps you be more confident.

Improve your content and take your confidence to the next level!

Ok, til tomorrow!

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