Day 16: Are You Asking?

“Are you asking?” is what I sometimes wanted to ask some teenagers today. This is very popular in mainstream media as well. Unfortunately, I also hear this from employees every now and then.

I hope you are working on your fillers. Next, we need to look into your intonation. And there are several areas on the topic of voice, intonation and inflection, but today we will just focus on this one. The one that makes your sentences tentative. It lacks certainly. It lacks confidence.

Day 16 Challenge: Practice Proper Intonation

Some people, when they speak, their intonation go up.

Me: Are we ready with the presentation for tomorrow?

Teammate: Yes, sure, we are ready(?)

Really? I’m not so sure. It sounded like they are asking. Felt more like a no answer than a confident, resounding yes. Speaking of asking, here’s a helpful video on proper intonation when asking questions. WHEN you are in fact asking.

Except that they are not. It is in fact an answer. But it sounded like they are asking in response to your question. It sounded like they needed someone else’s validation. Sounds familiar? Or, let me change that question. Guilty?

Check video by clicking on below link for Coach Tim’s tips on intonation, truth bombs and pause. Pause is something that we covered yesterday. See more of it here.

Confident Voice Tips by Coach Tim

So, let’s not wait for anyone to ask us, “are you asking?” when we’re not.

We are now on the second half of the 30-Day Challenge. Amazing progress everyone! Keep going!

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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