Day 14: Irregardless, Tenureship, Unequivocably

Hello! Irregardless, tenureship, unequivocably and more. Are you here because these words got your attention? Good! We are developing confidence.  If this piqued your interest, either for yourself or for your team members. Click here to start the 30-Day Confidence Challenge.

Welcome back for those who have been with us for the past 13 days. We covered attention and listening. And yesterday, nonverbal cues. How about when you actually start talking?

Let’s start from the foundation. Words and basic grammar. But, I don’t want to be a grammar police and no one is perfect. Today, we will look into words that are nonstandard, but, ARE OFTEN USED (misused?). I hear these from seasoned employees, from senior leaders and even on TV. And, we’ll cover some basic grammar.

Nonstandard Words

When you speak to a crowd or when you release communications to the entire Company, it is imperative for these materials to be impeccable. You want to zero out any nuance that will make it sound funny, unpolished or confusing. Words and grammar included. Oh, and it does not matter how big or small your Company is.

That said, here are some of those words.

NonstandardInstead, Use
Words that are not accepted for formal and standard practice and what to use instead.

Basic Grammar

I often hear mixed up pronouns. That is confusing. Who are you talking about?

Even in formal documents, I see wrong capitalization and wrong use of punctuation. A sentence should have a subject and a verb, followed by a period. But, I see a lot of phrases that start with a capital letter even when it is not a proper noun. I also see sentences without a period or any punctuation mark for that matter. So, is there more to say? There is no clue at all.

Another one is subject-verb agreement. Yes, they have a contract with several rules. A singular subject takes a singular verb. But it’s not as simple as that. Check here for more on subject-verb agreement.

See, basics? This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to grammar. Do your own research and improve your skills.

Get these right and your confidence will significantly improve. Not only that, the confidence of other people on you increases as well!

So, would you still use words like irregardless, tenureship and unequivocably? The blessing of the modern world is information is right on your fingertips. Use them well and to your advantage!

See you tomorrow. đŸ™‚

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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  1. Napakahalaga ng tumpak na pagsasalita at ang tamang paggamit ng balarila….kaso tumpak man o hindi walang saysay sa komunikasyon sa asawang babae kapag mainit ang ulo at may buwanang dalaw pa…pero, in general, napakaingat ako sa katumpakan sa lahat ng pagkakataon, pormal man o hindi

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