Day 12: Give Undivided Attention

How do you give undivided attention? In the past year, has anyone truly listened to you? What will your listeners (whoever you speak with) say about your ability to really listen?

Six days ago, we looked for a role model, an epitome. Then, we looked at areas that will make us worthy of being role models ourselves. We stepped back and centered ourselves. Starting off with what’s highly visible, the way we look (and feel). We created opportunities to create inner calm and made time for our own physical and mental wellbeing. Yesterday, we moved back to externals and studied power stance and power speak. Power speak, of course, is a great segue to communications.

Day 12 Challenge: Give Undivided Attention

In the digital age and increased virtual presence, it is easy to pretend to listen.

Perhaps not intentionally, but it is difficult to pay attention when you have all these distractions.

Which is what exactly, more than ever, makes this skill very precious. The ability to give undivided attention is invaluable. And this is key to successful communications.

Do this and you will be respected, loved and cherished. 100% guaranteed.

I am not a role model for this but I keep trying. (Someone should try harder beginning now since my team is working on this challenge, too!) You see, we cannot be swayed by our environment, all the time. We have to work with what’s controllable. And what are these?

  • our ability to focus
  • our authentic concern for others and what they have to say
  • remind ourselves that this is one of the best and most evident show of respect we can give

We want genuine undivided attention – not just for show. Not being quiet and pretending to listen, or being there but with mind off to dream land. Worse, some people listen to react, they listen ti prove the other person wrong or to defend a stand. And along the same lines, others look as if they are listening. But really just waiting for their turn to speak or present. The whole time, practicing what they will say in their heads.


Here’s an interesting read from the Harvard Business Review, complete with more recent findings. Please do check out that link.

Finally, add this to your daily tasks.

Review of daily tasks:

So go ahead, practing giving undivided attention. Til tomorrow!

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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  1. Mahirap iyan dahil sobrang nag-iisip ang “monkey mind”, pero I am seriously working on it dahil kailangan ni misis ang 100% pansin (bukod sa pancit…)

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