Day 11: Power Stance, Speak and Confidence

Power stance and speak have a lot to do with confidence. In fact, while we started with mindset matters, if you are in a rush and want to look confident, start with power stance and power speak. Although, we want it so much more than meets the eye, so no time was wasted.

Speaking of time how did you do with the 5-min me time and the 30-min move for health from yesterday? Did you feel happy hormones being released from your brain? Maybe yes, maybe no, but certainly your brain produced these awesome hormones.

Isn’t it amazing what 30 minutes can do?! It’s not just for your confidence but for your whole being as well.

Day 11 Challenge: Power Stance, Speak and Confidence

Today, we’ll practice the power stance. But, power pose is the more popular term for it.

This is of course not without controversy. However, recent studies have proven its validity and if you recalled my “smile” example on day 6, you know that there is physiological explanation for this.

So, today, in your meetings or everytime you have interactions with others, practice making yourself bigger. What does that mean? Take as much space as possible! Such as in the sample below. But do this without looking arrogant. Intimidating may be ok on a case to case basis, but arrogance is never good.

A sample of a power pose by Amy Cuddy (and Wonder Woman)

Here are more examples.

Now, let’s talk about the spoken word. Speak. Let’s keep it short and simple.



Keep your messages short and energetic. It does not matter what your personality is, or whether you are calm, laid back or upbeat. There is a type of energy for you. Energy is the life that you breathe to the words that you say.

Put these together and there you have it, confidence in as easy as 1-2-3.

No meeting or any social interaction today? No problem. Pretend you are in one and do these guidelines. Another idea is to set one with close colleagues!

There, til tomorrow!

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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3 thoughts on “Day 11: Power Stance, Speak and Confidence

  1. Nice article and, yes, posture is extremely important and I had to work on it. The only thing I have noticed is that standing with arms on the hips looks like a provocation with Filipinos…at umiinit ang ulo ng ilan

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