Day 10: Move for Confidence

While the World Health Organization (WHO) advocates “Move for Health,” we advocate Move for Confidence. Which, is also in support of WHO’s call to action for moderate physical activity for up to 30 minutes every day.

But before we move on to day 10 challenge (Whoooo are we now on day 10?! We are 1/3 done!), I am interested how you did with yesterday’s 5-minute break? If you had a hard time looking for 5-minutes for your own self, you will have a harder time with this challenge. But let me reassure you that it can be done and the payoff is HUGE! So, please stick with it.

Time aside, how was it focusing and disconnecting from the digital space? What did you do in those 5 precious minutes? Did you work on breathing exercises, meditation or did you try not thinking? Please do share your thoughts and experiences.

While some people are born confident, let’s face the fact that we are not all blessed with self-assurance (which is how confidence is represented in the Gallup CliftonStrenths).

Day 10 Challenge: Move for Confidence

For most of us, we want confidence that grows from a solid ground, a full and meaningful place. We aim to develop your personal image via confidence that radiates from a calm state of mind (and heart), assured internal compass and the knowledge that you know what you are doing and that you are doing something about yourself – your own health, your state of mind and your knowledge on and connection to things and people that matter to you.

In the hustle and bustle of our work and other responsibilities, it is so easy to take ourselves for granted. However, in anything and everything, self comes first. Even on the plane, when you have a child with you, the instruction is to secure yourself first before your child. Why? Because you are needed by your child so you need to be safe as well. Same reasoning is true in every other aspect of your life.

Today, take 30 minutes off for your health. Move for health as WHO puts it. Do anything you like – walk, run, workout, medidate, ride, etc. Any form of movement is ok, just move. That’s it. Oh, and while doing this, stay away from your gadgets, except if this is a device you use to track your steps and other physical activities, like a pedometer or a smart watch. But, you can certainly do this with a friend or a loved one! Think fun bonding activity.

How can I make 30 minutes? I’m so busy!

Well, here are some tips – shorten your internet browse time, shorten social network scrolling time, shorten youtube viewing time, minimize Netflix time, shorten meetings, wake up early (and sleep early), focus your day, and so much more!

Let me know how you made your 30 minutes, ok?

Recap of Tasks that should be done daily –

You see, everyday, as you do something for youself, along with the other tasks, your confidence will start or have started to develop. Your energy will increase. Your posture, your smile and body language will change as a result. And finally your personal image will shine!

Move for confidence. Keep going. Your self is thanking you everyday and every time do it well.

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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