Day 8: Look and Feel Confident

Remember my first coachee’s story? While not everyone will start from the place he did, most of us will start or restart somewhere. Today’s key question is, how do you look?

Yesterday, you emulated your epitome of confidence and mixed it with your own identity and image. And always remember your daily dose of affirmations to help push you along. Also, always be mindful of your tendencies and the support or style that you need. Seek them out when you need to.

Day 8 Challenge: How Do You Look?

Today, further to being a model. I would request for your to take a good look at yourself. As in your whole physical self from head to toe.

You might say you are doing well in this department. And that’s good. But, continue to read on nevertheless. I have seen dogs more groomed and more professional looking than the person walking them. I hope you are not one of them!

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.


Let us be clear about one thing. You will do this even if you are at home. And most of us are homebased these days due to the health situation. No matter your state in life – be you a student, an employee, stay at home mom, retired or enjoying a vacation. Why? Because you are doing this for yourself. Other people, they are a plus, but primarily, do this for you.

Grooming for Men

Because women’s list is longer, let’s start with you, dashing debonairs, shall we?


  • in proper length
  • not a hair out of place
  • bouncy and fluffy are ok, but hair covering a good portion of your face is a bit childlike (hey, I did not say childish)

Facial Hair

  • shaved for a clean look or
  • if you opt for it, then ensure it is well shaped
  • absolutely no hair showing from the nostrils or ears

Mouth and Teeth

  • brushed
  • flossed
  • tongue scrapped
  • mouth rinsed
  • all these at least 2x a day


  • short
  • clean


  • proper clothes for proper occasion, if you are working, wear something a bit above the T-shirt, something with collar would give you a good impression
  • in colors that flatter you (see image below)
  • pants should be the right fit, let’s leave the baggy ones to the teenagers
  • please make sure your underwear is not showing (also not in “bacon” condition)
  • clothes fresh and clean and without any unpleasant smell
Dress for your Skin Tone

Overall look and feel

  • smell clean and fresh
  • be clean and fresh

These are simple ones. Step it up with more tips from this article. Then, jump to the end of this article for today’s challenge – your look today.

And now, for the ladies…

Grooming for Women

First off, Happy Women’s Day! A day in recognition of and to celebrate us. This is when women appreciate our gifts and our uniqueness.

Now, are you ready?


  • combed
  • dried
  • properly trimmed or styled (even home trimming or styling will do)

Facial Hair


  • smile – take everything else out but this 🙂
  • keep it clean and fresh
  • I personally prefer bare to light make-up, but whatever your preference is, make sure it highlights your features
  • if you are not into make-up but will be in office or business meetings, at least wear lipstick in the shade best suited to your skin-tone and your identity

Mouth and Teeth

  • brushed
  • flossed
  • tongue scrapped
  • mouth rinsed
  • all these at least 2x a day


  • clean
  • to your desired length but not longer than half an inch
  • should you decide to use nail polish, make sure the enamel is not chipped
  • nail polish color should also be what best suits your skin color and your personality


  • dress for your body type
  • use colors that make you stand out based on your skin tone (see pictures above and below)
  • make sure the clothes you wear draw attention to you, not to the clothes you’re wearing; wear the clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you
  • do not wear your jammies or clothes that look like so to work, to the grocery or generally in the day time
  • if you are to attend meetings, wear clothes with collar or casual or business casual blouse
  • it’s good to flaunt what you have, just make sure your neckline is decent enough, not giving away too much, keep bra straps hidden, too
  • no baggy pants
  • no low rise pants that show parts of your underwear
  • keep your underwear fresh and clean, change every time you sweat
  • check if it’s time to replace old ones or repair old “bacon” looking garters
How to Identify Your Skin Tone and Dress Accordingly

Overall Look & Feel

  • smell clean and fresh
  • be clean and fresh

More tips for women here.

Remember, how you look and feel is important in boosting confidence. And more importantly, that you are doing it for yourself.

When you’re done with everything above, then it’s time for that selfie and post on your social media sites or share with friends and teammates on your private group chats.

Looking forward to seeing you today! 🙂

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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