Day 7: Model of Confidence

Who did you pick from yesterday’s activity? The epitome of confidence, your role model. Today you will be the model of confidence!

All the personality profilers and assessments come with the presumption that we all have our own individual personalities, predispositions and tendencies (check here and also here for more on the Four Tendencies). And in support of that, we look around for clues on how to best behave. When we were kids, for most of us we have our parents or guardians as our role models. In the Philippines, there was a campaign many years ago with slogan, “Ang ginagawa ng matanda, tama sa mata ng bata.” As we grow up, we start to develop our own identity and already know what’s right from wrong and know how to navigate the gray areas in between and all around.

Day 7 Challenge: Model of Confidence

Today, I would request for you to think deeply about your own identity – your image. What is your image like? and how do other people see you?

From your exercise yesterday, what are key characteristics that make your epitome your role model? And how much of that and which specific aspects can you emulate? Please do understand that the ask is not to copy, but to see those behaviors or manners of being that you can integrate to your own unique personality and will help improve your identity, outlook in life and overall confidence.

Think, too about your purpose and goals. Always anchor your actions to it.

Today and onward, you are and will be the model of confidence. Thing about it. Practice it. Own it!

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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