Day 6: Epitome of Confidence

It is all about the Epitome of Confidence today. When we started our confidence journey, we decided to begin with mindset matters. Today, we start moving on to the next phase, which is personal image development. Before we fully transition, let us review the past 5 days, shall we?

You made a list. I challenged you to revisit and re-evaluate this list. Then, you created a purpose statement and goals anchored on your why. Yesterday, you started with your affirmations which you will continue to practice as we move forward.

Athletes do visualization exercises and this always helped them perform better. Think of it as a way to condition the mind so when your muscles are ready, your mind is set. So, this is what we are doing when we affirm.

Did you know that the mind not only sends signals to the rest of the body but receives it as well? Smile, for example. When you are happy, your brain sends signal to your lips to curve up. To smile. When you are unhappy, you can also smile and the nerves in your muscles will send signals to your brain that you are making happy gestures, therefore, you are happy. These are the efferent and afferent physiological feedback mechanism.

So, train your brain, condition your mind with affirmations. And remember to do this everyday, before you start working!

Day 6: Epitome of Confidence

Today, observe… your physical environment at home or your social network or virtual space. Look for people who are very confident. Someone who is an epitome of confidence. A role model. From all of them, pick one person (could be a family member, a friend, someone you personally know, a celebrity or politician, just about anyone). Someone you look up to. Your role mode.

That’s it! Very easy day today. See you again tomorrow!

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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