2021 Philippine Holidays (Amended)

Malacañang released an amendment to the 2021 list of holidays on February 26, 2021.

Additional Special Working Holidays

  • Nov. 2nd – All Souls’ Day (Tuesday)
  • Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve (Friday)
  • Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve (Friday)

The dates above were non-working holidays for most of the previous years. Now, however, for economic recovery – to lessen the work disruption, these dates are now considered Special Working Holidays.

Is There Impact To Pay?

There is no impact to pay; special working holidays are emphasized for observance purpose only, however there is no premium associated with this holiday type. That means these dates are treated much like any other ordinary day in your payroll (hence, in your payslip).

For the employees, it may mean you will need to file leaves well in advance for these dates if or when the nature of your business and engagement permits.

Always remember to follow your Company’s or department’s leave filing policy. Each company (and sometimes departments within a Company) have their own leave filing process. It is good practice to be respectful and abide by them.

For us, fellow HR Practitioners and People Leaders/Managers, we will have to manage employee expectations and set clear parameters on when to file and who are granted leaves and for which leave types.

Proclamation No. 1107: Amending Proclamation No. 986, S. 2020, Declaring The Regular Holidays And Special (Non-Working) Days For The Year 2021

Here’s a copy of the official document as it was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines.

Thank you and all the best!

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