An Invite: 30-Day Confidence Challenge

Join us as we embark on the 30-Day Confidence Challenge. The goal is to push the boundaries of what’s comfortable and what’s usual to unleash your best selves.

If you are ready to move beyond your comfort zone, join us from March 1st to March 31st. There will be thoughts and tasks daily (more details below), which will be fun, well, not always easy, but surely you’ll have self-discoveries, realizations and changes that you will love. Team Leads and Managers, this can be a fun and fulfilling team activity as well! There are days when output sharing is necessary, so journeying with teammates or someone you trust is going to be awesome.

The Story of Anna

Anna (not her real name) was shy, always slouching and never spoke up in meetings. In 1-1 conversations with me, she was an A+ employee. She knew what she was doing and an expert in her field. The Country Head does not see her the same way, though. She appears to be someone who was timid and somewhat of a pushover.

We worked on building her confidence to overturn this perception. It was not easy but she stayed on and worked hard.

Now, Country Head and everyone in the team look up to her when it comes to her area of expertise and doubles as “ate” to the younger teammates.

John’s Success Story

Many years ago, I was asked to buddy up with the bottom agent from another customer service team. This was my first coaching experience in a corporate set-up yet an experience I would never forget.

My buddy, John (not his real name), had the lowest Quality Assurance score, lowest Customer Satisfaction score and longest handle time.

As this was my first time to coach, I didn’t know what to do so I started with the basics – I tried to understand him as a person. He was an interesting character – always looking at the floor or ceiling, dandruff all over his shoulders and back, same (and smelly) jacket everyday, hair covering a good 80% of his face. You get the picture.

He said he was not confident, that he was shy and feels invisible. I asked if he could change anything, what would it be. He wanted to be seen and to feel comfortable being with other people. So, I helped him, we worked on basic hygiene to good grooming to how to look confident in his walk, gait and gestures. We worked together and ensured that the basics are in place.

You might think of it as a counter intuitive move. The other buddies went straight to addressing their metrics and how to be better at QA or Customer Satisfaction. But you know who ended at the top of their team the very next month?

It was John!

Now, John is an esteemed Manager in the Contact Center space and a happily married man.

I believe in laying cornerstones, in making sure that the basics are in place before moving to solve other issues. In fact, often, the issues would self-correct once the foundations are strong.

Just look around you. All the people you look up to. All the leaders you admire. There is one common denoinator. That is Confidence. Confidence is among the basics to a success career and not only that, even in your personal endeavor and relationships.

Luckily, for many of you, boosting confidence will not start from where John did. [If you see yourself in John, please write to me, I would be happy to work with you personally]. However, regardless where you are strating in this confidence journey, it will take work, it will take heart, but for sure, you will reap the rewards in the end.

I can’t wait to get started in this journey with you! So…

What will happen in the next 30+2 days?

We are starting with the 30-Day Challenge on March 1st to 30th. Everyday, at 7AM (MNL), I will publish your tasks for the day, in bite-size, easy readings. You will work on what’s being asked and you are to share your output to your teammates or to a trusted someone at the end of the day.

There are 2 primer days on Feb 27th (update: click this link for the 1st primer) and 28th (update: click this link for the 2nd primer) for tips on how to get going and get things done based on your own tendencies.

Core Areas:

  • 5 days for Mindset Matters
  • 6 days for Personal Image
  • 6 days for Communications Sharpening
  • 4 days for Strengths Development
  • 4 days for the Heart
  • 5 days to nourish the Spirit

Excited? See you tomorrow at 7am and everyday on til March 30th!

If you are reading this after Feb. 27th, it’s ok, just take it one day at a time! Bring your team with you to make it extra fun!

Thank you for visiting!

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