How to Embrace Change in the Workplace

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The past couple of weeks, I have been speaking with lots of new people. What truly inspires me is how open, receptive and participative they are to change. Now, that is the attitude!

As such, I am very happy to be working with true leaders!

Not everyone, though, thinks and behaves this way, especially in other organizations. I have experienced a huge change in the past where there were several people complaining. Worse, I’ve also experienced being in an organization where the leader resisted any change, even as directed by the HQ leads. He wanted it just as it is – toxic and incivil.

Anyhow, if you are to experience change in the workplace, how would you handle it?

Would you complain about it? Is it something that you expect to happen every now and then? Are you the one to drive it and make the necessary adjustments?

Here are some suggestions:

Know Your Strength and Contribute

Whatever will happen, for any change, manpower is always needed. By manpower, I also meant brain power and brawn power. Be it participation or contributing ideas and actual work in project management, planning and execution, you can contribute.

So, would you rather be a useless detractor/bystander or a valuable team player and contributor to change?

Observe and Adjust

Maybe you’re still in floating stage of “What’s going on?” Still unable to adapt. That’s fine. Each one has his own timeline, adjustment period or learning curve. As you look for and find yourself in the entire change process, just observe. See what helps and what does not. Give it time. Adjust your sails if you have to. Learn new skills so you can keep up and so on.

Sure, provide feedback when you have to, but do it with a good intent and directly give to the right person. Also, be ready with suggested alternatives.

Recognize and Celebrate

Change is often a painful process. When it does become successful, recognize it and celebrate with everyone.

It’s a start of a new beginning.

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Thank you and God bless!

About Coach Emile Therese

Emile Therese is a Gallup Certified Strengths-Based Coach and Head of People&Culture. She is graduate of the University of Philippines in Diliman with a degree in Psychology, majoring in Developmental Psych. She is happily married and they are blessed with an amazing daughter. In her spare time, she loves engage in enlightening and heart-warming conversations and friends, read book (and people), write, crochet and travel (update: more of just a walk about these days) with her family. More about Emile.... She believes that values and character ought to be taught as early as possible and that these are key to community and nation building. This was also how she and her siblings were brought up by their two awesome parents! She is a Certified HR Professional who advocates employee engagement in its entirety. Emile believes that true employee engagement rests on the pillars of basic human needs and in ensuring that process and leadership basics are in place - the employee engagement imperatives. She hopes to contribute to making this world a better place for all of us now and the next generation. She loves sipping tea, conversations, reading and writing. The latter gave birth to two blogs - Purposeful Parenting Journey ( and Engagement Imperative (

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