Print Your PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps!

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How to Print Your MDR?

MDR stands for Member Data Record. This document is useful in case of hospitalization or as a pre-employment requirement as reference for the PhilHealth Number. In the past, I had to request this from HR, however this pactice has stopped many months ago. So, I had to go to the PhilHealth Office to secure a copy; basically, an added stress. Now, enough of the blabber and let’s move on to the “how.”

Step 1: Go to the PhilHealth Homepage

Step 2: Log-in under “Online Services”

Step 3: Print MDR

In case you do not have an online account yet, it is likewise very easy to register. You can do it in as little as 3 minutes or less.

That’s the form. Very short, isn’t it?

You will then receive an email with your username and password.

There you go! 🙂

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