Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits Form

Someone asked how the allocation of maternity leave credits is to be coordinated between Companies. Well, SSS made it easier for us, HR Practitioners and employees. Click below to go to the form.

Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits

What to do?

  1. Mothers who wish to allocate their maternity leave credits should fill out this form and submit to their HR Partners/HR Benefits Specialists along with MAT1.
  2. HR Submits to SSS.
  3. SSS returns receiving copy.
  4. HR keeps one copy and gives two to the employee (mother).
  5. Employee (mother) gives one copy to the husband/partner/father.
  6. Husband/partner/father submits this to HR as he files for leave.
    • Married male employees can then have 14 days in total – 7 from the Paternity Leave Act and 7 from the allocation of maternity leave credits – (see Paternity Leave Act of 1996 or RA 8187).
    • Partners or other caregivers (in case father is incapacitated) can have 7 days, which could be taken up until the end of maternity leave .

Special thanks to Mary Grace Lagaya for keeping everyone updated. 🙂

Thank you! Glad to have you back!

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