#BalanceforBetter: Quick Reminders for HR Practitioners

On March 8, we celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter.

That is for gender balance, gender parity, gender equality. No matter how you word it, it just boils down to the cry for equality.

Let us always remember this as we decide on programs for the workplace in relation to IWD. Equality. Parity. It’s not a battle of genders. It is not all about women. Rather, about women who are at par with men and other gender orientation.

Let’s not fight discrimination by discrimination.

Instead, ensure your programs are:


Should be open to all genders. Forum, talk, discussions, even when it is about reproductive health should ban men from attending. Afterall, they also have women in their lives and learning more about this topic for instance, will help them understand women more.

All-Year Round

IWD is scheduled on March 8th. Sometimes people celebrate this weeklong, other times monthlong. No problem with these. But, please keep in mind that gender balance is something that we should keep in mind and be practiced year round.

Embedded in your HR Policies and Processes

Do a quick review of your policies and processes. Hopefully, you won’t see anything discriminatory. The HR areas that are more prone to fall into this trap are Recruitment and Talent Development. Do a quick check of your forms – does it have a gender checkbox? Check your interview forms or interview sheets – do your interviewers note gender or do they take note of (and use as criteria) women-related life events like pregnancy or pregnancy plans? The actuals of your promotions – does it take into consideration gender or women-related life events?

Would be good to check. If you answered yes for any of the questions, why. It’s a good conversation to have with your mentors, your bosses, your teams and your business partners.

May we live the message of IWD on March 8 and everyday of the year – gender balance. #balanceforbetter

Images from the IWD website / EyeEm

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