A Human Resources Career Is Not For “Nice” People by Brian Walker

Brian Walker, Chief Human Resource Officer at Unifrax, is on point in his article “A Human Resource Career Is Not For ‘Nice’ People.”

HR, should be, more than anything else, fair, not nice alone.

HR, must know how to empathize. Empathy. Reminds me of our article feature on Veron Estrella, SHRM-SCP (also read Veronica Estrella: Paving the Way to an Authentic, Humanized and Globally Competent Filipino HR) where she emphasized the importance of empathy in HR.

Finally, I loved this part – “I made a recent acquaintance at a conference. This gentleman started his career as an Aeronautics engineer, moved to Finance, and now works in HR. I asked him about his transition into HR, and I loved his quote:

I was surprised about how difficult HR is. Designing airplanes that won’t fall out of the sky is a lot easier than managing HR.

Well said.”

Curious? Take a look at his full article here.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “A Human Resources Career Is Not For “Nice” People by Brian Walker

  1. Hello Nabamita, indeed, this puts us in the right perspective about our job. Many people expect many different things from us but does not really help us serve our purpose.

    Btw, I was checking your site – thehrchronicleshome – however I am not able to successfully access this… have you moved to another site?

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