Seven Quick and Easy Valentine Prep Ideas for the Workplace

Heart-shaped Chocolates and Coffee. Image from Pixabay.
Heart-shaped Chocolates and Coffee. Image from Pixabay.

Yup, I know, I know. After the craziness of the halloween event back-to-back with the Christmas/Year-End celebration, here comes the Valentine’s.

Unbelievable, you only have 3 working days left before Valentine’s Day and don’t have anything yet for the employees.

Fret not. I have some ideas for you. Quick, easy and would be memorable ones that you can prep within the next three days.

Love/Thank You Notes

You will only need papers, cards or notepads. Employees could then write thank yous and appreciation notes for their co-workers. They can leave it on their colleague’s desk or hang them all in one place. See picture above as an idea, the bigger the better. It can also be heart shaped. Then, someone will distribute towards the end of the day! It’s always great to appreciate and know that you are being appreciated.

Love Wall/Hugot Wall

Love Wall. Image from Pixabay

Similar to the concept of a freedom wall, however this one is dedicated to love expressions or (and I think more fun) hugot lines, because not everyone’s happy and successful in love. If you want you can also spice it up a little bit and give a prize to the funniest or most popular (or whatever criteria you choose) love/hugot line.

An instant photo wall, too!

Hugot Lines by Hugot Cafe in BatangasHugot Cafe in Batangas

Passion Day (Hobby Day)

Hobby=Passion=Love. Ask the employees to bring their hobby to work and on the 14th, they are given 30 minutes (or 1 hour, up to you) to do nothing else but that which they love – read, play games, crochet (I have to say this, this is one of my hobbies *laughs*), painting, playing musical instruments, anything! Everyone’s always ready for this. Those with similar hobbies could even flock together. This is a great stress reliever + employees get to know each other a little bit better.

Blood Letting Day

Love for those in need. Coordinate with The Philippine National Red Cross, your local hospitals or your HMO provider for this activity. This is engagement and outreach in one, thought might run out of available red cross medical practitioners, as a number of Companies do this around the time of Velentine.

Theme Day

The easiest, I would say. Just send out an eCard encouraging everyone to come in wearing a certain color or a certain type like ruffles and ties. This is also great for team pictures and that feeling of belongingness.

Serenade Day

Do you have an employee who is a good singer? How about one who plays the guitar (or violin or anything similar)? Then you’re good to go! Employees could request to serenade a co-worker. I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise!

Heart Health – literally!

A talk on health is another option – say, on heart health, reproductive health or mental health. It can even be about family planning and spouses could be invited.

There. Now, I won’t keep you any longer so you can get started with your preparations!

Happy Valentine! 🙂

The Love Wall in CaliforniaThe Love Wall in California

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