Meaningful Musings With Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon

I like browsing LinkedIn. A lot of inspiring thoughts, new ideas and people who are generous with their time and energy in sharing experiences and nuggets of wisdom.

One of those that I follow is Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon. If you are among her contacts in LinkedIn, you might have seen this post, too –

I am always prioritized in the carparks at the mall or anywhere because I usually appreciate and acknowledge the hardworks of the parking attendant.

The door seemed automatic when I come in because the guard would drop everything just to open the door for me, all because I usually thank him for doing so.

The beautiful lady at the lobby, who will give me a fully energic #SMILE while greeting me every morning. She seems to enjoy challenging me to a contest of who would be the first to greet.

Most of the time, when I sit down in my office, I would see everything cleaned up because of a wonderful woman I usually greet along the hallway while she cleans the floor.

At the canteen, the food servers would reserve the best chicken part for me just because i make them feel that I am happy and satisfied when they serve me.. and oh by the way, I call them by their first name.

You see, it is NOT ALWAYS THE MONEY NOR THE TITLE to be given priviledge.

All you need to do is to ACT as a #human… TREAT them like humans.. ACKNOWLEDGE them as humans… AND RESPECT THEM AS HUMANS!

Remember, #RESPECT begets RESPECT.”

I liked this one, among her other posts, because it resonates with my personal values – respect, positivity and equal treatment.

More on Melany

My name is Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon, I have 18+ years of Corporate experience. Currently, I am the Head of the Global Procurement and Vendor Management for Regus. My focus expertise would be in Procurement and Vendor Management.

However, I am also well-versed in terms of Leadership Development and other Employee Performance Development.

The “Why” Behind Her Sharings

I have been a user of LinkedIn for years now. And ever since, I have already been sharing some of my insights which was initially triggered and inspired by famous LinkedIn Influencers. Most of those insights play around job-seeking tips, leadership advises, positivity, and a lot more.

The trigger point, I think, is my eagerness to help others by sharing some useful tips and learnings from my own experience.

Starting Her Career

I did start from the lowest of low. I was hired that time just to do a 3-month temporary job. This job was to do the tasks of the employees who were at that time going on Christmas vacation. From the initial assessment of submitted resumes to buying office supplies to photocopying tons of papers to making coffee for guests to washing dishes in the pantry. Actually, everything that no one wants to do. I was paid Php200/day (regardless if I was working more than 9 hours).

Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

My mantra is “There’s always a way!” and I have no right to say, “That can’t be done!” Unless, I have exhausted all possibilities that I can think of. Which, I say, is rare. Because there’s always a way! There’s only thousands of excuses if I do not want to do it.

Moving up wasn’t easy. It never was. It took me awhile. But the only thing I could think of was I made myself to never, as in, NEVER, say, “I can’t do that job, because I do not know how to do it!” and “That’s NOT my job!”. Whenever, there are things that no one cannot or doesn’t want to do, I volunteer to do it. Regardless if I have knowledge or experience to do it, or totally new to me. When a task is given to me, I push myself to understand and learn about what is being asked and looked for. I do my research. I analyze every instruction carefully to make sure I got it correctly and I ask questions if something isn’t clear. I wouldn’t stop until I get it correctly and be able to do the task.

Because of these, my bosses probably saw my potential and sent me to different trainings and seminars. They even funded some of my certifications which helped me gain more knowledge and learnings. Those knowledge and learnings were my investments in stepping up the corporate ladder.

On Being Successful

I cannot say that yet. I think I will never ever say that. Because I believe that the moment you put success in your head, you stop learning.

Big wins for me though, is when I see any of my people step up as well and be able to reach the peak of their careers and if they are happy. Actually, my trophy are the success of my people!

Her Guiding Principles

I don’t know a LOT of THINGS, so, I should NOT stop learning. Teach so that you can Learn.

And I can’t do that if no one wants to teach me or share anything with me.

So be KIND. Be Human. Be Respectful.

She has a kind heart, too, helping others in need. She gives toys to the kids with cancer on her birthdays instead of spending on parties.

Advice for the Younger Generation

Do not just “think” outside of the box. You actually need to get “OUT” of whatever is putting you in a box. No one should tell you what you can or cannot do. Continue to learn. Continue to expand your knowledge. Take every opportunity to learn anything. Don’t stop. Never stop. Because the moment you stop learning, you stop growing.

And success is not about titles and getting all the money.

Success is when you are happy and contented.

Imagine this, when you retire, and just sits on a patio, you can tell yourself that you lived a good life. That all your family members, are all around you and they are smiling and happy.

Say hello to Melany when you see her in BGC (or any other place for that matter). 🙂

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