HRythm App: Employee Engagement At Scale

Can the HRythm App allow employee engagement to scale?

In 2010, the HR Business Partner to Employee ratio was 1:200. That time, we thought it was a big ratio but still manageable. Now, 8 years after, the ratio has moved from 1:200 to 1:700, give or take. Yes, that’s 1 HR Business Partner to 700 employees. Sometimes a bit smaller sometimes larger, like 1:1000 or even 1:2000!!!

So, I was sharing this with one of my mentors, Veron Estrella, and… hang on did I say sharing? It was really more like ranting. So, as I was ranting about it, she said, “that’s right, that’s the direction we are going, the challenge now, is for the HR teams and businesses to adapt to the changing times.” That’s the beauty of mentoring, mentors have that wisdom and experience to share and the power, concern and transparency to tell you what you didn’t want to hear at that moment. More on that in another post.

It took sometime but I realized she was leaning towards, among others, how digitization can also help in the area of employee engagement, if utilized properly.

As I was contemplating on this, an email came. LinkedIn is truly a great place to meet very interesting people. It was from Uday Khandelwal, HRythm’s Vice President for Product Engineering. It was a short and very interesting note. Basically, from there, I was introduced to the HRythm App and I will talk about it here for you.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

The HRythm App Website Home PageThe HRythm App Website Home Page

The HRythm App Team

HRythm App was conceptualized by HR Specialists at Vernalis, a Consulting firm in India. Their work on Employee Engagement in the Corporate set-up showed that while the company was initially powered by the passion of the promoters, as the company grew, the promoters and CEOs were stretched thin, unable to support or sustain the company through their previous personnel connect sessions and other employee interest events.

As an answer to this challenge, HRythm was conceptualized. It was designed to be a mobile app to Support CEOs, the HR Team and the Management to continue High Engagement Levels despite the scale.

Hrythm is therefore organized around the concept of Employee Engagement.

The men and women behind the HRythm App, with Uday in the center. The men and women behind the HRythm App, with Uday in the center.
The HRythm App TeamThe HRythm App Team

Unlike other apps, that houses Employee Engagement only as a subset, HRythm is focused and is all about Employee Engagement, from Hiring to Retiring.

About The HRythm App

HRythm is designed to serve Critical Business Purposes thru the ease of your mobile. With HRythm you can:


Instantly Access Key Documents – Product Brochures, HR Policies, Competency Maps, Manage Onboarding.


Tap in-house expertise in Seconds

CEO Channel

Communicate Culture and Strategic perspectives to employees


Access All Employee Contact Details in a click of a button

.. and much more, ALL dedicated to reinforce Employee Engagement within the company.

It has a simple and clean user interface making Hrythm one of the top user friendly apps in this space.

HRythm and Other HR Apps

While the other HR apps are more operational in nature (Leaves management, Perf. Management, etc.) . HRythm focuses on the employee engagement part, helping create a perspective in employees, empowering them to communicate, build and follow company processes.

Best for Company size…

HRythm can be deployed effectively at both small (more than 10) and large organisations (upto 5000 employees). However, the team feels the app might be best suited for employees in the range of 300-500 at the present moment.

Employee Engagement Imperatives

HRythm Team believes employee engagement is crucial for building a strong workforce and a sustainable culture. Some of the imperatives employee engagement are a Sense of Purpose, Role Clarity, Empowerment and Responsiveness.

Reach out to HRythm via…

Visit their website here for an app demo and for several other information such as pricing, app look and feel and more details for each feature.

Here’s a glimpse for you.

Look and Feel of the HRythm AppLook and Feel of the HRythm App

My favorites are Onboarding and the Culture Book, of course, myself being an HR Business Partner. These two are my key areas of interest at the present time.

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I am also very curious about the Organization Structure button. One of the roles I took has a task of preparing the Org Chart, initially on a monthly basis. We are talking about 400 people, by the way. It was transitioned to me, done manually. Consumes about a day or two, really. Then I started using MS Visio, which partially automated the process, but still very time consuming (4-6 hrs depending on the changes). I wish I learned about this app when I was still working on that task. But, as they say, it’s never too late!

While I think some of these could be socialized via email, realistically speaking, these days, who has the time to check and read all his email? I think moving these online is a great step, and bringing these in an app is a lot better. It takes it is all in one place and readily accessible for HR, business leaders and employees.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

So, what do you think? Can the HRythm App allow you to scale your employee engagement initiatives?

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  1. Nice! Not a bad idea to start a local app for PH developed by local HR practitioners like yourself.

    Congrats Iris!

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