Hire Someone Lazy, Noisy and Clingy

Yes, you read right, hire someone lazy, noisy and clingy…but read on before making any judgement.

These are the three things I looked for when I was recruiting. I would confidently say that 95% of my recruits are now assets of the Company, very well loved by their peers especially by their bosses and most importantly, they are very much engaged employees.

The times have changed and so have expectations in and out of work. Thus, the skills and attitude that we look for in candidates should change as well.

Hire Someone “Lazy”

Not those who are work-averse nor those who prefer sitting over being active and productive. Rather, those who would not settle working on a 10-step process when it can be efficiently and effectively done in 3. Agree?

Those who have an eye for process improvement, simplification and excellence. You got it!

Hire Someone “Noisy”

Not the senseless chatter or the disturbing noise. Rather, those who are able to articulate their thoughts, those who participate in group discussions and those who weigh in on topics that matter.

The noise that meant knowing when to escalate when necessary and especially for those in leadership positions, those who laud great employee performance via gratitude, public affirmation and recognition. Absolutely!

Hire Someone “Clingy”

Now, now, we are not talking about people in relationships here.

We are talking about employees who know how to cling vs. those who constantly hop. Research says that today’s talents, especially of millennials hop jobs every two years, give or take. Millennials, is that true?

How much can one really, truly learn and contribute in 2 years, if this happens all the time? Every case is different, though, but having a considerably stable tenure in the CV already speaks volumes! Yes?

As a parent, we should also rethink the skills that we teach our children that will be handy for them as they grow up. However, we have to make sure that we do this without loosing the stronghold to values like hard-work, intellect and loyalty, among others.

So, would you hire someone lazy, noisy and clingy?

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